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Choosing the right tennis ball machine can seem like a daunting task but asking yourself the right questions can make it all a little easier. We have seperated the tennis ball machines into three catagories, see which category suits you best and then click on the "tennis ball machine selector" below which will open a file to let you know which machines fit into which category. Using this and looking at the frequently asked questions at the bottom of the page should go a little way into helping you decide which is the most suitable tennis ball machine for you.

Tennis Ball Machine Selector
Category 1:
Machine Types: Tennis Twist, Tennis Cube
User Category: Very young children, youth groups, general fitness/recreational equuipment
Application: Private Court/School .
 Introductory models for infants or young beginners. Basic features. Little or no variation of shots. 
Category 2:
Machine Types: Playmaker/Tennis Tutor/Tennis Tower
User Category: Private User, Improver to CountyStandard, Coaches, small private clubs
Application: Private Court/Small Club/Freelance Coach.
 Variable control of ball speed, spin, height, interval, direction and
depth (Playmaker only). Ideal for private ownership or care.
Category 3:
Machine Types: Playmate (mains models)
User Category: Large Clubs/Commercial Centres (David Lloyd, Next Generation, Esporta) or when the most advanced, technological features are required.
Application: Leasing to members/Coaching tool
“Why are only certain tennis ball machines available in the UK”?
Only certain models are available or suitable for importation to Europe. They may be designed and made to a higher spec to suit the European market.
“Do I want Mains operation or Battery operation tennis ball machine”?
At one point, battery operation meant limited machine usage in a day (Tennis Tutor’s 3-4 hours). If this was insufficient then a ‘Mains’ machine was desirable. However, since the recent improvement in battery operated machines, battery capacity have been extended. Portability and strict charging requirements are other considerations as these may determine the type of purchase.
“Can I leave the tennis ballmachine out”?
No! No ball machine in production will withstand this treatment. Supposed ‘All-Weather’ covers do not offer sufficient protection. Machines must be kept and stored dry otherwise the warranty is invalidated and/or serious damage will occur
“Do I charge the tennis ball machine only when I need it”?
No! The tennis ball machine must be put back on charge the same day of use regardless of how long it has been used for (5minutes or 5 hours). Leaving it in a state of part-charge for days will ruin the battery. Top-up the battery for storage.
“Can I leave my tennis ball machine on charge”?
Yes! The charger is intelligent and won’t overheat/charge and it is recommended that it is left connected when in storage.
“Do I need to provide a suitable extension lead for a mains tennis ball machine”?
Yes! Unless a lead is purchased separately as an accessory with the machine.
“Are the tennis ball machinesmachines checked before despatch”?
Yes! Not a single tennis ball machine is despacthed without a series of inspections and checks being undertaken. New, updated manuals are included.
“How are repairs undertaken”?
It is requested that the you keep the box that the machine is delivered in.
Any problems requiring the return of the machine are taken seriously but collection is only arranged once the machine is properly boxed.
“Do the tennis ball machines have any maintenance requirements”?
Sports Tutor machines require regular wheel cleaning with a wire brush, otherwise no maintenance other than good storage and charging is required by others. Annual servicing is not a requirement.
“What is the best tennis ball machine”?
The one that best matches your budget, requirements and application!